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Workplace FAQs

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What is Workplace Watchdog?

Workplace Watchdog is a community dedicated to creating workplaces where respect, safety, and individual growth are paramount. We connect individuals with resources for career development, including job search strategies, resume guidance, and workplace rights education. Our partnerships may lead to services that support professional advancement, some of which may have associated costs. Our focus is on empowering employees in an ethical, discrimination-free environment.

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How can Workplace Watchdog help me if I'm facing discrimination at work?

We offer educational resources, such as videos and blogs, to guide you in taking the right steps when faced with discrimination. By sharing your experience with us and joining our community, you receive support and simultaneously help others. We provide guidance through shared stories and encourage community participation, reinforcing that your voice matters. Alongside this, we offer a comprehensive list of government agencies and vetted organizations, detailing who they are and how to reach them for additional help. Your stories empower you and others to foster change.

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Does Workplace Watchdog provide legal advice?

While we do not provide legal advice, we can guide you to legal resources and help you understand your rights and the options available to you.

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